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Adventure Mastermind

I am super pumped to announce our Adventure Mastermind that God led my husband and I to put together specifically for those called to Entrepreneurship, Fun Adventure’s and Living the Laptop Lifestyle. In order to personally spoil every participant in this mastermind, I am only opening up this event to 20 guests. My husband Pat and I will be hosting the event so all are welcome to attend, couples, singles, men and women.

God called me to Market Place Ministry so that I could create a lifestyle that freed me to go and serve where He called me to serve. And now He has me on a mission to help other entrepreneurs just like you to put God first and step out in faith to build their business HIS way.

It is my heart to share with you the exact plan I followed to create a business that has allowed me to live a ridiculously adventurous life for the past 12 years.

You have been given the gift of entrepreneurship and God has placed you in a time period where you have tools and system to leverage your time to create total time freedom when you work smart and follow a few critical steps (and ignore the rest.)

I want you to be able to hear the voice of the Lord tell you to go, do and be able to say, YES, I can go, YES, I can give. Yes, yes, yes to God’s calling and His challenge for you to step out into bigger faith!

That can only happen when you get around others that are surrendered to Him, when you are obedient to the calling, and you are diligent to take action with what you have been given. Finding Big Faith to dream bigger becomes contagious when you hang out with 19 other people that are like-minded and are living fearlessly to serve Jesus. It reminds me of the scripture of Ephesians 3:20 He is able to do far more abundantly than all you will ask or think according to the power at work within us.


If you know NOW is the time to build and you are sick and tired of resisting the tug of the Holy Spirit and holding back the gift of entrepreneurship you have been given then I invite you to join me 2018 for our Adventure Mastermind in Olon, Ecuador right on the Pacific Ocean at our beachfront Casa Olon Estate.

If you know you are here for more than just working, and if you know your business can be a tool to free up your time to serve, generate revenue to give, and create the flexibility to work from anywhere then I invite you to join me and Pat in 2018 to launch your life into freedom living the Laptop Lifestyle.

If you are ready to build your business smarter and say goodbye to the daily grind then join me plus 19 other entrepreneurs and learn how to make your dream a reality.

Faith involves action. Action produces results. Action taken in faith produces unexplainable results as the power of God works in you and through you to fulfill His purposes. That’s when it becomes a life worth living.

I want you to have this Laptop Lifestyle. If you find yourself overwhelmed, stressed, and uninspired pursuing the very calling you feel God has put on your heart as an entrepreneur it doesn’t have to be that way and you don’t have to settle for a burnt out unfulfilled life. If I can make the shift ANYONE can make the shift. I have literally been able to focus on


growing in my relationship with God and spending time with my family and doing mission work in Ecuador for the past 2 months without missing a step in my business! That would never have happened if I was stuck in fear and paralyzed to move out by faith.

On our Mastermind Week, we will spend time setting goals for your business, strategizing, brainstorming in a small mastermind where you will get your time in the Help Seat where others can help and offer their resources and ideas to help you clarify get focused, and implementing important action items to move your business forward. You will receive hands-on support and guidance from the Holy Spirit, me, Doreen and my special guest trainers, plus the other guests at the retreat. Mastermind is having the collective experience, wisdom and genius of all those attending pouring into your life during your Help Seat session and networking with others throughout the 5 days. We will be feasting on fabulous clean organic food the entire time so your body will feel energized and your mind will be creative. We will be spending 5 days together at Casa Olon Estate with 5-star amenities, maid, and personal chef to pamper you the entire time you are here with us. We are going to practice self-care so your emotional and physical tank is replenished. The best part of all is that we are going to laugh, have fun, and learn how to make GOD CEO of our business so you can embrace your DREAMS, CREATE CHANGE IN THE LIVES you ARE CALLED TO SERVE AND EARN MONEY DOING WHAT you LOVE, SO THEY CAN GIVE BACK TO CAUSES you ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT.

Here is what you will walk away with from our weekend together:


  • Clarify your ideal lifestyle & business model
  • Craft your core message, tagline & program names
  • Design (or redesign) unique offerings that you’ll love to deliver
  • Map it all out on a 12-month calendar
  • Restructure your schedule so your family, faith, and health are not neglected
  • Rewire your heart & mind for freedom
  • My 3 essential tools for fueling your body so you are energized and more creative in life
  • Set up accountability for when you’re home.
  • Two 30 minute follow up accountability calls


  • The weekend will take place in Olon, Ecuador on the beautiful Beach front Estate called Casa Olon right on the Pacific Ocean
  • Guidance from the Holy Spirit, me, my wife Doreen and my special guest trainers, plus the other guests at the retreat.       Expect the move of the prophetic anointing and presence of the Holy Spirit to happen as well
  • Private Chef serving you clean organic 3 meals a day the entire weekend so your body will feel energized and your mind will be creative
  • Spiritual and physical tools for self-care so your emotional and physical tank is replenished
  • Lifelong friendships and networking with the other guests.
  • A clear action plan plus a vision for what your goals are for your business and health without sacrificing your Faith or Family.
  • A transformed heart from volunteering at the local Orphanage
  • 4 sessions of mastermind for your business with each having a turn in the help seat/hot seat
  • Free Kayaking
  • Free Cycling on the beach
  • Daily surf lessons
  • Horseback riding on the beach
  • Whale watching tour and snorkeling
  • Exercise sessions with TRX certified trainer, stretching and jogging on the beach.
  • Beach soccer.
  • Time to walk on the beach and be with your thoughts and Jesus
  • Time to rest and relax so you can hear from the Lord
  • Time of Prayer and Praise so you can revive your spirit
  • Evening night life in exciting Montanita

You’ll leave the weekend with lifelong friendships and a clear action plan plus a vision for what your goals are for your business, health, spirituality, and family.  We will detoxify our lives and invite the Holy Spirit to lead and guide us to fulfill the vision God has for our relationship with Him, our family, our business and our health.

The cost includes accommodations for 6 days and 5 nights, food, spiritual & emotional breakthroughs plus snacks throughout the weekend, and your power breakthrough!

Extra costs will be:

  1. Massage $50 an hour in the privacy of our home
  2. Surf Lessons $25
  3. Dental Services Cleaning $30 (we can provide you with where to go) and porcelain white fillings are only $21.
  4. Medical Services ( we can provide you with where to go)
  5. Spanish Lessons
  6. Professional Photos for website or personal use $25 for 1 hour
  7. Flight from the Miami to Guayaquil Ecuador $650 (we will provide private shuttle to Montanita/Olon once you arrive in Guayaquil
  8. Whale Watching $26 per person
  9. Horseback riding

So, if you want to get busy living FULLY and doing what God has put you here to do, if you want to build a business you love with grace and ease and you don’t want to settle for anything less then I invite you to answer the questions below and schedule a strategy call to discuss if this is going to be a good fit for you and you a good fit for us.



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